Children and Youth Leadership Team

At Chalybeate Springs Baptist, we understand how precious and wonderful each child is in the eyes of God. Each child has been given gifts, talents, and abilities, completely unique to each boy and girl. Our Youth leadership team work hard to ensure that our children and youth understand that God created them with a purpose and loves them more than they can ever know!

Children and Youth Minister Team

At the helm of our Children and Youth program, is the teaching partnership of Jane and Daniel Poole of Ms. Jane and Friends Gospel Ministries. These faithful servants have devoted themselves to ministry for over 20+ years and have seen God expand their ministry outreach through the Dominican Republic and Latin America. Ms. Jane and Mr. Daniel have seen the Lord open doors so they are even able to conduct after school programs that provide underprevileged and underserved children with food and the knowledge they are cherished by a God who loves them. A lesson taught by Ms. Jane is unforgettable, as she utilizes real world objects that can be seen, smelt, and touched by the students to make Bible principles come alive. We are so proud to have Ms. Jane and Mr. Daniel on our team!