We have an active youth program, FUEL (Faith Unleashed in Everyday Life),  for 6th -12th graders.

Youth group meets at 6:15 p.m. on Wednesday nights.

The world our youth live in today is unprecedented. Things that one would not say in good company are now said and even done without so much as a blush. Make no mistake, Chalybeate Springs is very well aware of the dangers and temptations that our youth face  in public, in schools, and in those decision-making moments when our youth are surrounded only by their friends.

The one sure way for our youth to become strong, principled and godly men and women is for them to have a real encounter and relationship with Jesus Christ. When Jesus lives on the inside, He will help us make the right choices on the outside. We deal with challenging, real-world issues in an age-appropriate way as we guide students in Bible Study, Prayer and Servanthood. Our emphasis is teaching our youth how to work with the Holy Spirit, making choices and decisions that lead us closer to God, and away from sin and destruction.

Our youth attend summer camp, fall retreats, concerts, and have many different outings and service opportunities during the year.